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Save up to 90% on EA Games for iPad!

Apr 22, 2011

There are some amazing iPad games on sale right now. Some are normally $10 games on sale for 99 cents!

And there’s just a few days left in LapWorks’ Store Wide Sale. We’ve got the best stands and cases for your iPad and everything is on sale!

Quick links to EA Games on sale

Dead Space
FIFA 11 Soccer
Madden NFL 11
Reckless Racing
Rock Band Reloaded

We’re not affiliated with EA Games, but we’re fans and just wanted to share the news with our friends and customers.

Have fun!

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Huge sales on iPad games! EA Games, GameLoft & LucasArts!

Dec 20, 2010

There are some amazing iPad games on sale right now. These are normally $10 games on sale for 99 cents! So go save yourself $72, then come back to LapWorks for an iPad stand or case. You’re still $40 ahead!


Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Splinter Cell: Conviction

EA Games

Need for Speed: Shift
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Metal Gear Solid Touch
Mirror’s Edge
Reckless Racing


Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition

These are all top rated games that look like you’re playing on a console, but take advantage of the iPad’s accelerometer and touch screen. So hurry and get ‘em while you can. These are limited time sales.

We’re not affiliated with these developers, but we’re fans and just wanted to share the news with our friends and customers.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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Introducing Netbook Laptop Desks!

Apr 16, 2010

netbookWe’ve had these on our site for a few weeks now, but we wanted to pause for a second and formally introduce all of our wonderful readers to our newest line of products: Laptop desks, stands and accessories designed specifically for netbooks!

Just because they’re smaller than your standard laptop doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter the same challenges that you face with a full sized machine. Netbooks get hot, and aren’t meant to be put on a soft surface like your lap. While any of our traditional laptop stands will work with a netbook (and leave you with extra space for a mouse), if you’re looking for something smaller, now you can find it!

A laptop desk isn’t the only netbook accessory you’ll need. Because it’s smaller you’ll need to protect it even more when you’re on the road. This is why we’ve developed our first travel cases, perfect for carrying your netbook, mouse and a laptop desk.

Take a look at the new section and let us know what you think. If there’s another netbook product you’d like to see, let us know!

Vetting A Great Idea For Marketability Pt. 3

Mar 19, 2010

In part 1 and part 2 of our series on vetting an idea for marketability, LapWorks owner Jose Calero discussed his background an an entrepreneur and his first four steps. Today, we conclude with the last 8!

Step #5 – PROVE YOUR PRODUCT IDEA IS WORTHY. Now that you have a prototype, find the best way to approach your target audience (groups of them at trade shows, etc.) to show them your prototype or demonstrate your service idea. You need feedback from your target market and they will tell you if your product or idea is wonderful or not. Go prepared with a questionnaire so you can keep the interview short and sweet but pointed and friendly. Do NOT ask friends or family members what they think of your product or idea. They don’t want to hurt your feelings so they’ll tell you what they think you want to hear. This is the wrong group to ask for feedback. Ask them for money when it comes time to launch you product but not advice about its worthiness. They’re not the experts – your target market is.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Aside from polling your target audience for their feedback, which is a necessary step, a more important step in this process is to have your product evaluated by a credible source. Who would that be you ask? We recommend the Innovation Institute who has developed a 45 point consumer product evaluation system called PIES XII Preliminary Innovation Evaluation System. To quote them, “the PIES format is a comprehensive, structured evaluation system consisting of 45 criteria that are used to evaluate the commercial potential of your idea or invention and to provide you with a risk profile of your project.” Click on over to the “Forms” link on the left hand side of the page to begin the process. They’ll charge you $225.00 for a complete evaluation with risk analysis and by any standard, that will be the best investment you will ever make. Why? Because it will give you a completely objective analysis of your product or idea and stop you from spending your life savings on a not-so-good-idea.

Step #6 – PROTECTING YOUR INVENTION. There are a few ways to do this but the best way is to start with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). There are lots of NDA’s available on line – you can learn more about NDAs here.  To quote them: “A nondisclosure agreement — also called an NDA or a confidentiality agreement — is a contract in which the parties promise to protect the confidentiality of secret information that is disclosed during employment or another type of business transaction.” An NDA is a great starting document to protect your invention or idea but it’s not as strong as a provisional patent – which is the next step.

Once you have decided that your invention is a “go” and you want to move forward with launching it, that’s the time to apply for a provisional patent. “A provisional application for patent provides a priority filing date for a patent application and permits the use of the “Patent Pending” designation in connection with the invention for a period of one year. A provisional patent application can serve as a low cost first patent filing to inventors and confers the benefit of parity with foreign applicants due to the one year novelty rule. Applicants must claim the benefit of a provisional application in a corresponding utility patent no later than 12 months after the provisional filing date.” This means that you have 12 months protection under the provisional patent before you have to file a full patent application. This 12 month window is what the provisional patent gives you to establish the marketability of your product before investing. If you do not apply for a full patent before the 12 months of the provisional patent has expired, your idea or invention will become part of the public domain.

Step #7 – DO A SWOT ANALYSIS. The word ”SWOT” is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis will give you tons of information about your product / idea that will make you consider and evaluate the various SWOT conditions that exist for your product or idea. Don’t overlook this step – it’s critical and could save you a lot of money. But don’t let the potential bumps in the road stop you from pursuing your dream. Just because there is work to be done doesn’t mean your product / idea isn’t worthwhile. It just means that you have some work to do and don’t let it discourage you. The simple fact is that if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

Step #8 – HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO MARKET? There are a number of ways to take your product to market. They can be broken into two separate categories: first, you can do it yourself which will cost many, many thousands of dollars to do it right. Or you can find a “partner” who already has the existing retail and/or distribution channels in place. In today’s market, it is practically impossible to launch a single new product on your own. If you want to pursue this path, here’s how you do it: Begin building your website right away; get the product packaged and ready for shipment according to industry standards; at the same time begin your promotion consisting of email blasts, banner ads, SEO/SEM, print ads, trade shows, product demos, buying mailing lists, press releases, etc. Continue stoking the fires until you’ve reached millionaire acres.

A less capitol intensive way to take a product to market is through a partner or set of partners. Make two lists – one for all the top retailers, distributors and others within an industry who would most likely sell your product. The second list will be of the number two companies within those industries. If the top company turns you down, then just go to his competitor, usually the number two company in that industry. Begin by visiting the top companies on your list and have them sign the NDA. (If you have received acknowledgment from the USPTO [U.S. Patent & Trademark Office] that they have received your provisional patent application, then there is no need to have them sign the NDA because the provisional patent is all the protection you’ll need for the next 12 months.) If any of them are interested, one of the following may happen: (1) they might want to buy you out altogether; (2) they will want to pay you a royalty; or (3) they will buy the product from you if you will act as the manufacturer. Naturally each of these options carries with it a different level of support activity.

The above 8 suggestions are not intended to be an exhaustive study on the subject of product development. They are simply a set of guidelines that you should seriously consider before investing your life savings in the next product, service or venture that come along. This information is provided to you so you will know what to do with the next great inspiration that pops into your head. Armed with this information you can go forward with confidence knowing that at the end of the process, you’ll be making an informed, intelligent and usually correct decision.

I would also like to encourage you to share this information with anyone you know who is thinking about investing in a new product, service or business venture. Do yourself and others you know a favor and follow these simple steps to better decision making when it comes to investing in a new product, service or business venture. Good luck and invest wisely.

Share Your Thoughts On The Mantis!

Mar 10, 2010

Hello LapWorks fans, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of the latest product to come out of our testing labs, the Mantis Notebook Arm!


We’d love it if you took a look, then give us some feedback on the product in this short survey. Help us keep making products that fit your lifestyle and needs! Thank you!

Vetting A Great Idea For Marketability Pt. 2

Mar 8, 2010

In part 1 of our series on vetting an idea for marketability, LapWorks owner Jose Calero discussed his background an an entrepreneur and laid the groundwork for the first set of his 8 steps. Today, we start with the first four!

Step #1 – STAY CALM AND THINK CLEARLY. The next time a great product idea pops into your head, the first thing to do is stop! Calm down, take a deep breath and try to remove the emotion from your thinking. Emotions cloud our thinking and prevent us, even the smartest of us, from thinking rationally. So settle down and look at the opportunity in a cold and calculating way. Remember, stay emotionally distant or divested from the new idea.

Step #2 – DON’T USE AN INVENTOR’S SERVICE. Almost all of the tragic stories I hear revolve around those people who used an Inventor’s Service. Don’t use an inventor’s service – they’re all the same and out for one thing only . . . your money. Their fees are outrageous and they exist like vultures looking for those who are weak and helpless. Don’t trust them, don’t engage them, don’t give them an opportunity to get in. They’ll rip you off the very first chance they get and the longer you stay involved with them the more they’ll take from you.

Step #3 – WHO IS YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER? Before you invest any money or make any prototypes you have to first determine who your customer is. Don’t try to figure out how often they will buy or reorder your product. Just try to get as firm a number as possible through this research step. This will give you an idea of the size of your market. For example, we make accessory products for the laptop computer market. So who is my target market? Folks who use notebooks computers. We know from various sources there are over 125,000,000 notebooks in use in the world with 60% of them located in the U.S. alone. We know that last year the industry shipped over 70,000,000 notebooks worldwide. (Unfortunately we don’t know how many of those units are for new users vs. replacement units.) The information is out there – you just need to find it.

Step #4 – MAKE A PROTOTYPE. Once you identify your target market, you need a prototype in order to show it to your target audience. If it is a service business, make a Power Point presentation to explain it. If it’s a product, make an inexpensive prototype -  and the emphasis in on “inexpensive”. When I made my first prototype of a Laptop Desk, I made it out of 12” x 12” x 1/8” aluminum sheets that I cut to shape with a jig saw. Then I added a hinge and covered it with that no-slip gritty material with adhesive on one side and voila! Instant and inexpensive prototype. Obviously not all products are as simple as a Laptop Desk so if your invention is a lot more complicated, then produce some engineered drawings of the product in order to show that it will work.

Come back soon for the next set of tips on becoming an entrepreneur from Jose!

Vetting A Great Idea For Marketability

Feb 19, 2010

8 Steps to Consider Before Betting the Farm and Loosing Your Ass

Today’s post is the first in a 3 part series written by Lap Works founder Jose Calero. Jose’s passion about ergonomics is only matched by his passion for entrepreneuralship, and he wanted to share some of his experience with other budding entreprenuers who might benefit.

493668_laptopI’ve been an Entrepreneur for the last seven years and in that time we have launched nine product of our own design and over twenty products from third-party manufacturers. I have a dozen books in my collection that I’ve read about product innovation, development, launch and marketing. For the last three years I’ve been volunteering at Cal State Fullerton’s Entrepreneurial Management School. I mentor graduate students with their class project in launching a new product or company and I mentor student teams in their consulting projects to local businesses. All that to say that I know a little bit about the subject.

Something that I see a lot of is individuals who invest their retirement hopes on a new product or business venture that they had no business getting involved with in the first place. After they have invested “the farm”, which is to say everything they own, in a product or business that was supposed to be a “sure thing”, within a short time they discover that they made a huge mistake. But what’s worse is their investment is gone, they mortgaged their home and their credit cards are leveraged to the hilt. Now what do you do?

Unfortunately, this is not a story I had to make up. I have heard the same sad story from too many inventors. I can hear the pain and disappointment in their voices as they walk me through the sad details of what happened. The really sad part about it all is that it could have been avoided. And all they would have had to do is a simple Google search or visit their local library for books on the subject. It would have saved them from all that pain and disappointment if they had only done a little research in the beginning. So I’m here to give you a few simple steps on what to do the next time you’re faced with the same situation.

Check back next week for the first of Jose’s 8 Steps to becoming an entrepreneur!

Help Us Help You!

Feb 16, 2010

customer-surveyTo all our loyal customers – we need your help! LapWorks is launching a Netbook section next month and for those who recently bought a Netbook, you are in the best position to tell us what kind of accessories you’d like to have for your Netbook. We are also in the design stage for a Netbook laptop desk and before we invest big bucks in this product, we would really like to know what you think.

We sent this out via email today, but wanted to open the pool to all of our fans and readers to make sure our new products meet the needs of all of you! If you can take a few minutes to complete our survey, we’d love to give you 20% OFF coupon. Please help us become the kind of fabulous supplier you really want us to be!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts From Lap Works!

Dec 16, 2009

1105757_a_gift_for_youChristmas is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re still on the hunt for some last minute Christmas gifts, you still have a few days left to order from and still get your order in time for the holidays. We have something for everyone on your list!

  • The Gamer – if they’re serious about their MMO and FPS, they need one of our Gamer’s Desks. They’re designed to be extra tough so they can travel from one LAN party to the next, and make playing easy when there’s not enough table space to go around!
  • The Work-a-holic – If they’re working late, working at home, and working on the road, they need a desktop stand that can take them from place to place with ease. Give them the Z-Lift Notebook Stand – it’s thin, which makes it ultra portable. The Z-lift sets up in dozens of positions, giving them maximum variety for their busy workload!
  • The Casual Surfer – Even if they’ve just a couch potato computer user, they still need proper support to avoid injury. The Wizard Desktop Stand is great around the house as it supports the laptop, but also has a lot of other uses around the house.

The Widescreen Notebook Stand Launches!

Sep 14, 2009

Lapworks is pleased to announce the newest product in its laptop desk and desk stand lineup, which already touts the popular Gamer’s Desk and Wizard Desk Stand: The Widescreen Notebook Stand.

Designed specifically for widescreen media center laptops, the Widescreen Notebook Stand is the widest notebook stand currently available. The stand is 15-3/8” long by 12” wide and is optimized for maximum cooling, with both a 1/8” thick aluminum-plated heat-absorbing surface and twin cooling fans to prevent overheating.

The Widescreen Notebook Stand also reduces wrist strain with its ‘effortless’ tilting base, allowing users to incline the stand at dozens of angles for maximum comfort. The base tilts freely, with no releases or locking tabs necessary to hold position, making the Widescreen one of the least complicated desk stands on the market today.

Because Lapworks knows that connectivity is vital to laptop users, the new notebook stand also incorporates a 4-port USB 2.0 hub to connect cameras, mobile devices and more.