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The Widescreen Notebook Stand Launches!

Sep 14, 2009

Lapworks is pleased to announce the newest product in its laptop desk and desk stand lineup, which already touts the popular Gamer’s Desk and Wizard Desk Stand: The Widescreen Notebook Stand.

Designed specifically for widescreen media center laptops, the Widescreen Notebook Stand is the widest notebook stand currently available. The stand is 15-3/8” long by 12” wide and is optimized for maximum cooling, with both a 1/8” thick aluminum-plated heat-absorbing surface and twin cooling fans to prevent overheating.

The Widescreen Notebook Stand also reduces wrist strain with its ‘effortless’ tilting base, allowing users to incline the stand at dozens of angles for maximum comfort. The base tilts freely, with no releases or locking tabs necessary to hold position, making the Widescreen one of the least complicated desk stands on the market today.

Because Lapworks knows that connectivity is vital to laptop users, the new notebook stand also incorporates a 4-port USB 2.0 hub to connect cameras, mobile devices and more.

PC World Shares List of Great Sort-of-Sequels

Sep 8, 2009

When a team of developers moves from one fan-loved property to a new project, there’s always some hubbub about how much of the previous game’s spirit will remain intact and what changes to the play experience gamers can expect.   There are gaming luminaries (Suda 51, Tim Schaefer, Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda, just to name a few) whose trademark flourishes give them a cult following – even if they were to announce that they were working on a movie tie-in kart racer.

While there’s sure to be some debate over the merits of Bioshock over System Shock and someone lamenting that Snatcher didn’t show up as a spiritual successor to Blade Runner (yes, the C64 game based on the Vangelis score from the movie, not the actual movie itself), the list is a fun read – and arguing the merits of Xenosaga over Xenogears with your friends is fun, right?  You can check out the list here.

Happy Belated Birthday, Gamer’s Desk!

Sep 1, 2009

Has it really been a year? LapWorks, a leading retailer of notebook computer lap desks and desk stands, is happy to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of its new flagship product, The Gamer’s Desk.

Since July 2008, the Gamer’s Desk has sold thousands of units, making it one of LapWorks’ most popular products. The peripheral has also received unmitigated praise from the press and the blogosphere alike. Computer Shopper calls the Gamer’s Desk “an excellent addition to your arsenal.” Avault’s Mark Turcotte says, “…in short, it’s cool.”

Made of high-impact ABS plastic, the Gamer’s Desk is available in several configurations. Consisting of an award-winning laptop desk and MouzPad or ultra-large (8”x11”) Max MouzPad, the Gamer’s Desk can range in size from 26” to over 30”, enough room to accomodate a gaming keyboard and a large mousing area for precision gameplay while still rigid and lightweight. The desk folds for easy transport and storage, and also doubles as an adjustable desk or table stand.

Jo Jo Marks, Director of Marketing at Ideazon, says that “the Gamers Desk helps bring PC gaming into the living room, where gamers can leave their desks behind….”

While the Gamer’s Desk continues to set a new standard for mobile gaming peripherals, LapWorks is beginning work on the future of the line. Designed for gamers with input from gamers, a new ‘ultimate’ Gamer’s Desk model will debut in Q1 2010.