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Enjoy Your iPad to the Fullest!

May 31, 2010

ipad reclinerThe iPad is an awesome device that is taking the world by storm and now, if you are the proud owner of this new piece of technology, it’s time to start looking at accessories to make using your iPad even better. From protective cases to iPad stands that make it easier to use, the accessories out there for the iPad are endless – but at, we have the essential accessory you’ve just gotta have.

LapWorks is proud to introduce its brand new iPad recliner: a device that is sure to change the way you use your iPad. Able to elevate, tilt, and hold your iPad or other e-reader with ease, this unique stand is perfect for people who use their iPads to read, watch movies, listen to music, or even just answer emails. Some of the features of this hot new product include:

1. Versatile settings for the most comfortable viewing and use of your iPad

2. Quick yet stable adjustments

3. Generous rubber cushioning to anchor your iPad so that it doesn’t slip

4. Sleek, two-tone design that is super modern and perfect for any home or office

5. Backed by a 6 month warranty against defects

6. Easy, hands-free enjoyment of your iPad

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on the hottest iPad accessory on the market. There is nothing else like it out there and it is sure to be an essential item whenever you use your iPad.

Laptop Desks Make for a Great Graduation Gift

May 20, 2010

It’s that time of year again! Students everywhere are taking the next step in their lives, pursuing higher education, careers, or whatever dreams they may have. Graduation season is a time to honor a special graduate in your life. To help you do that, has a great graduation gift that’s sure to be useful – and special – to a student who is about to head off to college.

A laptop desk is a dorm essential and if you’ve ever lived in a residence hall, you already know how tight those spaces can be. A laptop desk is a practical solution that allows for your student to use his or her laptop while lying in bed, studying in the library, or even on the bus. It’s a super-portable surface that folds away easily for storage but still provides plenty of space for a student to get some work done, without having to feel cramped at a small desk or workspace.

But besides giving a student the space he or she needs, these laptop desks also cool the computers, which means a longer equipment life for the laptop. Students are always looking for ways to save money and trust us, we know that a student can’t afford to replace laptops throughout his or her education. Caring for the computer the right way by helping it stay cool can be a great way to ensure that he or she won’t have to replace that computer any time soon.

Give a graduation gift that a student can actually use! These laptop desks from are exactly what he or she wants when it comes time to use a computer at college.