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Be Wary of Laptop Heat

Oct 15, 2010

Laptop DeskIf you work frequently with a laptop on your legs, you could be at risk for a condition that’s called “toasted skin syndrome.”
According to a recent press release through the Press Association, several cases of sponge-patterned skin  and discoloration have popped up  across the United States, so much so that Swiss researchers have begun documenting the condition in the US journal, Paediatrics.

So what is toasted skin syndrome? It’s basically an unusual looking mottled skin condition that’s caused by long-term heat exposure. Discoloration is usually permanent and can vary depending on the device and the amount of exposure.

In the same press release, Dr. Kimberley Salkey, an assistant dermatology professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, said that under the microscope the affected skin resembled skin damaged by long-term sun exposure.

While many electronic and laptop  user manuals advise strongly against placing laptops on laps or exposed skin for extended periods of time, it’s still an issue. To prevent toasted skin syndrome or any related burns from electronics, always make it a point to use a laptop desk. Not only will it help to cool your laptop, but it can also ensure that you aren’t exposed to the risks of long-term or excessive laptop heat.

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