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New iPad Stands: Just in Time for the Holidays

Nov 26, 2010

Pivot iPad Stand

At LapWorks, we’re always rolling out new products to help you use your laptop or e-reader ergonomically and efficiently. Our latest additions? An awesome line of iPad stands:

Pivot iPad Stand: This unique iPad stand provides great positioning in an elegant stand with a base, neck stem, and iPad case. It’s completely secure, made from durable materials, and can help you save on space. Whether you’re using your iPad at home or at work, this iPad stand is a must-have. There’s nothing else like it!

Axis iPad Stand: This simple desktop stand for your iPad holds your iPad in a landscape or portrait view for surfing, reading, watching movies, or playing games. Choose from four different positions to find the one that’s best for you. Each Axis iPad stand comes made out of sturdy, high impact ABS material and offers cushioning for your iPad with rubber cradle.

Mini iPad Stand: This super portable, pocket-sized iPad stand is strong and sturdy – perfect for taking on the go. While it’s not a replacement for your regular stand, it’s definitely a great alternative while traveling. An ideal stocking stuffer!

iPad Kick Stand: Make your iPad stand alone in a variety of positions using this simple and durable kickstand. Made from durable polycarbonate plastic with a napped fabric cushion liner, this iPad stand offers you the lightweight, easy support you need to use your iPad hands-free.

iPad Flip Stand: This compact iPad stand fits in your backpack easily and goes along with you, so you can use your iPad in portrait or landscape format anywhere. Just flip out this two-piece stand with a rotating support piece to create a supportive foot that can anchor your iPad in an attractive aluminum finished stand.

Get these iPad stands and more just in time for the holidays at

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