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Things you should know about your new iPad

Dec 10, 2010

iPad stands and cases

iPad stands and cases

So you’ve ordered a beautiful new iPad for Christmas! As wonderful as it is, you’re going to quickly discover that there are times you’d like to be able to put it down and still look at the screen. Well, it will lay there on the table at a very flat angle, not cooperating with your viewing.

There will be times you carry your iPad into the great outdoors, the glass and aluminum surfaces feeling much more slippery when held over the hard ground than they ever felt over carpet. You might want to scoot your iPad to your friend across some outer world surface that isn’t quite as smooth as you thought and flinch at the scratchy sounds.

For all of the amazing apps you are tempted to buy, you will come to realize that you need something much more tangible to completely satisfy your iPad experience: A stand, a case or a case that’s also a stand.

And so begins the search to find the perfect iPad accessory, the kind of clever, sexy, well engineered thing that will meet all your needs. And there are so many options! Do you want brushed aluminum or crystal clear? Should it fold, work in landscape and portrait, use zipper or slide lock? Do you need it to be economical or full-featured? The list goes on…

Well, LapWorks has all that and more. In fact, we offer more iPad stands and cases than any other website, so you can save time at one site without sacrificing choices. Come and check out all of our iPad accessories. I’m sure you’ll find something that will please your eye and meet your needs.

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