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Why Swerve when you can Swivel?

Mar 12, 2011

You do share your iPad don’t you? Show off photos from your laptop? How about when you want to use your big screen TV as a 2nd computer monitor?

The answer is simple and has been around for decades. The lazy susan, but not your grandpa’s lazy susan – the lazy susan for the new millenium!



I’m talking about heavy duty swivels

that can support the largest LCD or plasma screen

(up to 176 pounds!) …



An iPad stand that lifts and

pivots your screen to any angle

in portrait or landscape orientation …



And laptop stands that cool,

raise and swivel your laptop.

12 models to choose from.

So, be smart and be kind. Multi-purpose that large screen. Share with your friends and family. Buy a swivel or a swivel stand.

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