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LapWorks LogoAbout LapWorks, Inc.

LapWorks is a design, manufacturing and marketing company specializing in accessories for the Notebook, Netbook, iPad, Tablet and e-Reader markets. We design and select our products with the goal of making your experience of working with you portable computing devices safer, easier and more productive. Our products:

  • Improve posture/ergonomics to help users work “pain-free”
  • Reduce heat build-up in notebooks
  • Protect a user’s lap from the heat that radiates from the bottom of laptops

We also work to provide our customers with value-added services, resources and timely information to help them better understand…

  1. How to use a laptop computer in an ergonomically-correct manner to promote long-term health and avoid injuries.
  2. How to care for a laptop computer to promote its long-term health as well.

Laptop Desks:

LapWorks invented the wide-span portable Laptop Desk product category in 2000, and is the only company making dual-purpose lap desks that serve as a lap tray as well as a desktop typing stands.

We are fortunate that our 4 Laptop Desks – the Futura, the 2.0, the UltraLite and the 1.0 – have become the best-selling lap desks in America, selling more than 1,000,000 units in 10 years. And, we now offer brightly-colored Laptop Desk Futuras in 12 fashionable colors & patterns.

Desktop Typing Stands & Desktop Replacement Stands:

In 2005 we expanded our line with desktop stands. They serve different ergonomic roles such as Desktop Typing Stands for direct typing, and Desktop Replacement Stands when using the notebook on your desktop requiring a separate keyboard and mouse for data entry.

Off-The-Lap Stands:

In 2007 we began to offer several Off-The-Lap Stands that support a laptop while reclining on a sofa, in bed or on the floor. These are excellent aids for the bed ridden.

Gaming Desks:

Our first Gamers Desk launched in June 2008 helped bring PC gaming into the living room and onto HDTVs, where gamers can use the wide lap-spanning platform as a gaming desk on their lap. LapWorks now offers three separate gamers desks for our customers to choose from.

Netbook Desks:

Netbook broke onto the scene in 2008 and by January 2009 LapWorks launched its line of Netbook accessories. These accessories consist of two desk stands, netbook bags and other related accessories that make working with a netbook more convenient.

IPad, Tablet, Slate and e-Reader:

As a result of the iPad revolution, in April 2010 we launched a new category of accessories lead by the iPad Recliner. We also carry other iPad accessories like leather folios, nylon and neoprene bags, screen protectors and silicone protective skins. Our design juices are in high gear to develop new and exciting products for the iPad market. We invite you to stay tuned.

With more portable lap desk, desktop stands, gamers desks, netbook accessories and iPad accessories than any other provider, LapWorks has become the leader in the above categories and will continue to offer our customers the best of the best of these products at the most reasonable prices possible.

We welcome your input and are always open to suggestions – both about products and our operation. Please feel free to contact us at the phones below or this link: