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Laptop Desks for Internet Cafes

Aug 19, 2010

Laptop Desks for Internet CafesLaptops have made accessing your important files, working on projects, or just playing games something you can do in any given location.  No matter where you are, you can take out your laptop and still be either productive or entertained.  In addition to just using your laptop, you can now browse the internet without the frustration of cables.

There are many public locations that offer you free wireless internet services, such as hotels, libraries, schools, and restaurants.  One of most common types of restaurants that fits this bill are internet cafes.  Internet cafes are great because they usually let your stay as long as you’d like sipping your coffee and performing work on the internet.

When used for a long time, laptops can become very hot, or uncomfortable to actually keep in your lap.  Why not provide yourself with some comfort and convenience by using a laptop desk?  A laptop desk lets you easily stand your laptop so that you remain in your seat and enjoy the atmosphere of the cafe.  When you don’t have to worry about your laptop getting too warm, or it falling off your lap, you can get more invested in your work.

Save Some Cash: Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

Aug 5, 2010

Lapworks Buy 2 Get 1 Free SaleWho doesn’t like saving money?  With an economy in a constant state of flux, you never know when a couple extra dollars will make a huge difference.  We at also appreciate our customers and want to make things as financially easy for you as possible.

Therefore, make sure to check out our current deal that will definitely save you a couple of bucks:  Laptop Desk 2.0 Bundles – Buy two and get one free!  That’s right, for the price of two, you get three laptop desks that improve ergonomics and cool your laptop or notebook.  Save anywhere between $29.95 and $34.95 on your total order.

Think that it’s a great deal but not sure you actually need three laptop desks?  Think of the people in your life for whom a laptop desk could make a great gift.  If you are a parent, do your kids each have a laptop?  Does your girlfriend or roommate have a notebook?  Need a birthday present for a friend or family member?  Are you a supervisor who needs a holiday gift for employees?

So make sure you take advantage of this deal while it lasts by visiting!

Spotlight On: iPad Skin

Jul 31, 2010

ipad skinIf you’ve just invested in a new iPad, you already know how important it is to keep it protected. iPads are expensive and when you plan on using your e-reader frequently, it pays to invest in something that’s designed to keep it safe from those accidental slips, trips, and drops. Accidents happen – but at, we’ve got something to ensure that your iPad stays protected.

Our Skintite iPad Skin by LapWorks are designed to fit your iPad like a second skin to cushion it from the shock of being dropped or knocked over accidentally. Plus, it improves your ability to grip your iPad effectively so that those slips and drops are far less likely. Just slip on our skin and that’s it. Instant protection for your iPad without smudging, wearing, fading, or leaving behind any residue. Now that’s protection.

Available in blue, gray, or clear options to suit your personality, our Skintite iPad Skins are the perfect accessory for any iPad user to have. Get yours today from and start protecting your e-reader effectively. Let’s face it – you can’t afford not to!

Win an iPad Recliner from LapWorks!

Jul 19, 2010

Looking to score an iPad recliner for FREE?  Do you have an off the wall, creative way to display your iPad when in use?  Is it something you’ve constructed with household gadgets, kid’s toys, or possibly with the assistance of your furry friend?  We’ve all seen the do-it-yourself iPad stand creations that range from using legos, to tinker toys, to your own friendly cat, but what other imaginative creations can you bring to the table?  By simple submitting a photo of your own iPad stand creation, you will be in the running to win an iPad Recliner from LapWorks!

Do-It-Yoruself iPad Stands

On August 31st, we will be picking the most creative and genius iPad stand creation and announcing the lucky winner of the LapWorks iPad recliner!  You have the rest of July and all of August to come up with and submit your own picture of your do-it-yourself creation for an iPad stand.  Entries must be submitted by August 30th and all pictures can be sent to  Be sure to submit your own original creation!  Leave it up to your imagination a be in the running to win a FREE iPad recliner!

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Laptop Travel Checklist

Jul 6, 2010

Traveling with a laptop is always a must, but if you often find yourself on the go, it can be easy to leave things behind. If you plan on traveling this summer, or if you’re one of those people who is always on the move, then you had better check out the LapWorks Inc. computer travel checklist before you head off to your next destination!

1.) Always be sure that your laptop battery is charged and ready to go. You never know when you’ll run into down time and have a chance to get some work done while you wait for the next step of your journey.

2.) Keep a flash drive and a few extra CDs on hand so that you can keep backups of valuable documents that you create while on the go.

3.) Don’t forget about having a laptop desk to make using your laptop easy! has tons to choose from in styles that fold up easily and store in your travel bag so that there’s no excuse for not having a comfortable surface to work on while you’re on the go.

4.) Bring along a microfiber cloth to wipe down your screen and keyboard. Things can get messy easily when you’re on the go.

5.) Give your computer an update on its security software before you go on a long trip. You just never know how safe those WiFi connections are.

6.) Always make a list of the tech gear you carry with you so that when you pack up, you can run through your list to make sure that you have everything.

7.) Before your move your laptop, make sure that your computer is turned off. Moving around while turned on poses a HUGE risk to your hard drive.

With these tips, and maybe a laptop desk from LapWorks Inc., traveling with your laptop will be a whole lot easier next time around!

15 Ways to Care for Your Laptop

Jun 25, 2010

When you have a laptop computer, it’s important to take good care of it. Here are 15 things you can do to ensure that you’re giving your laptop the care and consideration it needs to run its best for many years to come.

1. Defrag your hard drive regularly as it puts less strain on both your hard drive and your laptop battery.

2.) Cut down on programs running in the background constantly. All of these programs add to the CPU load your computer has, which makes it perform slower.

3.) When you use your laptop on the go, be sure to use a laptop desk that’s designed to encourage ventilation. Any of the laptop desks from LapWorks at are made to help cool your computer so that there’s less strain on its pars.

4.) Keep food and drinks away for your laptop. This may seem like a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget this rule only to spill something on their laptop. Any spills, no matter how small, run the risk of damaging sensitive circuitry inside.

5.) Don’t touch the screen, unless your laptop is designed to be a touch screen. If you need to clean your screen, use approved products that are designed to gently clean the screen without damaging it.

6.) Don’t let your computer run for days on end. Your laptop will be more prone to overheating if it doesn’t get a break. Try shutting it down at night or have your power settings set to shut your laptop down when it’s not been in use for awhile.

7.) Don’t rig up a desktop stand out of found materials. Make sure you use a desktop stand that can properly ventilate your laptop, like any of the desktop stands at

8.) Always carry your laptop in a laptop bag that’s big enough to accomodate your laptop and any accessories that you may need. If you can, look for one that has enough padding so that your machine stays protected.

9.) Don’t close anything inside your laptop. Even sheets of paper can put stress onto the  screen.

10.) Never put anything onto your closed laptop.

11.) Don’t leave your laptop turned on if you’re moving your laptop more than a few feet away. When you forget to put your computer to sleep or shut it down before moving, you actually put a lot of extra stress on your hard drive.

12.) Make sure you use your laptop’s battery at least once per week by letting it run on battery power only until it says to recharge. This improves your overall battery life.

13.) Keep your laptop clean and neat. Rid the keyboard of any dust or grime and clean your laptop using only products that are approved for such use. Don’t try to improvise with harsh chemicals that can actually damage your laptop.

14.) Make sure to perform regular software updates and operating system updates. This will ensure that your laptop runs at its best.

15.) Always have anti-virus, anti-malware, internet security, and firewall software running.

Laptop Desks are Great for Father’s Day

Jun 17, 2010

Father’s Day is almost here and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for Dad, consider shopping the selection of
laptop desks, desktop stands,and accessories at Our selection of exclusive laptop desks by LapWorks is sure to have something perfect for every father, no matter what kind of laptop he uses.

Whether he’s addicted to his iPad or obsessed with his new netbook, you can be sure to find some great accessories or even a lap desk that’s perfect for it. Check out some of our hottest products, like the iPad Recliner or our brand new Mantis Notebook Arm to find something that Dad will appreciate and actually use. Many of our products are designed for use with just about any laptop desk make or model, so you won’t have to worry about finding one that’ll fit your dad’s favorite way to surf the net or get work done at home.

Let and LapWorks provide you with the best Father’s Day Gifts this year.  Gift Dad with a great new laptop desk, desktop stand, or even some netbook accessories and trust us, he’ll be sure to remember this occasion for many years to come. But don’t wait! Order ASAP so that you have you gifts in time for Father’s Day!

Enjoy Your iPad to the Fullest!

May 31, 2010

ipad reclinerThe iPad is an awesome device that is taking the world by storm and now, if you are the proud owner of this new piece of technology, it’s time to start looking at accessories to make using your iPad even better. From protective cases to iPad stands that make it easier to use, the accessories out there for the iPad are endless – but at, we have the essential accessory you’ve just gotta have.

LapWorks is proud to introduce its brand new iPad recliner: a device that is sure to change the way you use your iPad. Able to elevate, tilt, and hold your iPad or other e-reader with ease, this unique stand is perfect for people who use their iPads to read, watch movies, listen to music, or even just answer emails. Some of the features of this hot new product include:

1. Versatile settings for the most comfortable viewing and use of your iPad

2. Quick yet stable adjustments

3. Generous rubber cushioning to anchor your iPad so that it doesn’t slip

4. Sleek, two-tone design that is super modern and perfect for any home or office

5. Backed by a 6 month warranty against defects

6. Easy, hands-free enjoyment of your iPad

Do yourself a favor and get your hands on the hottest iPad accessory on the market. There is nothing else like it out there and it is sure to be an essential item whenever you use your iPad.

Laptop Desks Make for a Great Graduation Gift

May 20, 2010

It’s that time of year again! Students everywhere are taking the next step in their lives, pursuing higher education, careers, or whatever dreams they may have. Graduation season is a time to honor a special graduate in your life. To help you do that, has a great graduation gift that’s sure to be useful – and special – to a student who is about to head off to college.

A laptop desk is a dorm essential and if you’ve ever lived in a residence hall, you already know how tight those spaces can be. A laptop desk is a practical solution that allows for your student to use his or her laptop while lying in bed, studying in the library, or even on the bus. It’s a super-portable surface that folds away easily for storage but still provides plenty of space for a student to get some work done, without having to feel cramped at a small desk or workspace.

But besides giving a student the space he or she needs, these laptop desks also cool the computers, which means a longer equipment life for the laptop. Students are always looking for ways to save money and trust us, we know that a student can’t afford to replace laptops throughout his or her education. Caring for the computer the right way by helping it stay cool can be a great way to ensure that he or she won’t have to replace that computer any time soon.

Give a graduation gift that a student can actually use! These laptop desks from are exactly what he or she wants when it comes time to use a computer at college.

Introducing Netbook Laptop Desks!

Apr 16, 2010

netbookWe’ve had these on our site for a few weeks now, but we wanted to pause for a second and formally introduce all of our wonderful readers to our newest line of products: Laptop desks, stands and accessories designed specifically for netbooks!

Just because they’re smaller than your standard laptop doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter the same challenges that you face with a full sized machine. Netbooks get hot, and aren’t meant to be put on a soft surface like your lap. While any of our traditional laptop stands will work with a netbook (and leave you with extra space for a mouse), if you’re looking for something smaller, now you can find it!

A laptop desk isn’t the only netbook accessory you’ll need. Because it’s smaller you’ll need to protect it even more when you’re on the road. This is why we’ve developed our first travel cases, perfect for carrying your netbook, mouse and a laptop desk.

Take a look at the new section and let us know what you think. If there’s another netbook product you’d like to see, let us know!